As we gather on Sundays at 10:50 am, you will be a part of a worship service that includes prayer, several songs, public reading of Scripture, and teaching from the Bible. This all typically lasts about an hour and ten minutes. Much of our congregation also enjoys spending time together after the service.

What is a Bible Church?

A Bible church is an independent congregation committed to the truthfulness, authority and sufficiency of the Christian Bible.

How can I connect?

PGBC is made up of friendly people who want to get to know you when you arrive – so getting connected often happens without much effort. But in addition to that, we have frequent fellowships, prayer and Bible study mid-week, and the occasional spectacular event.

What do you believe?

On these we stand and will never waver:

† The inspiration and authority of the Bible. It is God’s written Word, and is our only guide in matters of faith and conduct.
† The Trinitarian nature of God, Father, Son and Spirit are three distinct Persons, yet one in being, essence and power.
† The son-ship of true believers with God.
† The deity and humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is very God, express image of the Father, yet very man born of the virgin Mary.
† The reality and personality of angels, including Satan, the great enemy of God and man.
† The fall of man and his consequent depravity. Apart from Christ, all men are guilty before God and lost.
† Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone. He shed His blood as a propitiation for our sins that we might be reconciled to God.
† The physical resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead and His glorified bodily presence at the right hand of God as our only High Priest and Advocate.
† The imminent and pre-tribulational rapture of the Body of Christ, and the subsequent visible pre-millennial return of Christ with His church to restore Israel and establish His worldwide one thousand year reign on earth.
† The physical resurrection of all men, each in his own order; the saints to eternal, conscious bliss and the wicked to eternal, conscious punishment.